‘My Jihad’ Bus Ads Debut In Chicago

A new ad campaign debuted this week in Chicago that’s sure to turn some heads.

On Monday, 25 CTA buses began sporting ads from “My Jihad,” a new educational campaign introduced by the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Chicago chapter (CAIR-Chicago).

Founded by Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago executive director, the campaign was conceived as a response to the anti-Islam ad campaign created by conservative blogger Pamela Geller, who ran a series of controversial “Defeat Jihad” ads on city buses last month.

The goal of the campaign, Rehab explained, is “reclaiming Jihad from the Muslim and anti-Muslim extremists who ironically, but not surprisingly, see eye to eye on Jihad,” according to a CAIR statement.

The literal meaning of Jihad, according to the BBC, is “struggle or effort” — not simply a “holy war” waged on behalf of Islam. It is a central doctrine of the Islamic faith.

The Huffington Post


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