so, this movie is about 4 babies from different country. from Japan is Marry, from USA is Hattie, from Mongolia is Bayar, and my favorite one, from Namibia is Ponijaoi. these babies are so funny, cute, and always make me smile when i watching this movie. i like Ponijao so much, because her life is so wild, totally different with others babies.

in this movie, we would be saw the babies from that they were still in their mother’s stomach, born, can talk, until they can walk. i don’t know why, but i cry in the last scene, when Bayar can walk, after learn for a long time. haha. i don’t what i’m feeling about, watch your baby growing up. it’s so amazing and priceless. it’s too awesome :’)

the best part, i think, when ponijao was feeling asleep. for me, this movie is so unique. i don’t get bored when i watch this movie, because they behave so funny, make you laugh, shout, happy, and cry. i recommended this movie to watch.

because, Everybody Loves Babies 🙂


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