I might say those words above show what I exactly feel at the moment.

  • Things Change

Have I told you that my campus divided its students to their major when they’re in sophomore year? Yes. That’s happening to me.. a few months ago, actually.

But I’m still in my adaptation phase now.
So yeah, things change. My lecture time changes, so does my activities.. and friends.

  • And friends leave. Or in my case, My friends are as busy as myself.

Yes. We’re too busy working with our own stuffs. We don’t have time to hanging around together.. or even time to chit-chat IN INTERNET.. our quality time decrease. Sooooo much. I miss them. And the old times.. our old times.

  • And life doesn’t stop for anybody.

So, note this, Aulia! It’s so unimportant to feel depressed like you did a few days ago. You might feel alone, had nobody to share your story, but that’s not a reason to be stuck and couldn’t do anything else. Life won’t stop, time won’t wait. So.. why keeping yourself at that line?  This might be your chance to start your new life, leaving your comfort zone, finding new experience.. and yessss, NEW ADVENTURE WITH THE NEW BUDDIES!

Without forgetting the old one, of course 🙂


So, let’s change the last photo of the picture above with your photo, Li! Smiling, and show your spirit in welcoming this new exxxpeeeriiienceeee~ woohoo!

Well, this is the old picture.. of course. Yes, I couldn't found any other picture that shows my spirit, sadly.


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